On December 26, Iranian media quoted Iran’s Oil Minister Bijan Zangeneh as saying that Tehran plans to sell 3 million barrels of crude oil to private companies during the third sale to evade measures. US sanctions.

Zangeneh said the necessary permits for this activity are already in place and that 3 million barrels of oil will be sold on Iran’s energy stock exchange with 100% in Iranian rial. However, foreign currency payments are also acceptable for those who want to buy oil without using the Iranian local currency.

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Iran’s Oil Minister stated

“If one wants to buy oil on the energy stock market in foreign currency, the oil will be provided in the form of foreign exchange and if one wants to buy with the Iranian rial, it will be traded by copper rial. ”

Iran started selling oil to private customers on the energy stock market for the first time in October with 1 million barrels of oil being quoted at $ 74.85 / barrel as the US prepared to re-impose orders. sanctions aimed at the oil sector of the country.

Oil sales in Iran

A second sale of porridge came after sanctions from Washington were imposed in November and 700,000 barrels of crude oil was sold to private companies for export.

According to Shana news agency under Iran’s Ministry of Petroleum, three private companies paid $ 64.97 per barrel for two deliveries, each of 245,000 barrels and one for 210,000 barrels.

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Mr. Zangeneh said

“Stock market oil buyers can export their ‘black gold’ and no problem.” During the first and second oil sales, the buyer will pay 20% of the aggregate value. Their purchase currency is in Iranian currency, the remainder is paid in foreign currency after cargo. Private companies can only buy crude oil for export because the oil industry is nationalized. in 1951.

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